Test May Detect Alzheimer’s Sooner

March 11, 2013

The BBC reports an exciting finding in the ongoing battle to understand and diagnose Alzheimer’s.  Researchers in Britain are looking at markers in blood that could lead to a diagnosis in the disease’s earliest stages.  This would mean that it could be caught decades earlier, which could result in better treatment all around.

The test would look for proteins that are linked to Alzheimer’s.  In addition, researchers say that they have identified other markers — linked to inflammation — that show potentially high correlation.  This latter element comes at no surprise.  In all the reading I have done, it appears that the inflammation process in our bodies is akin to aging and overall body deterioration.

The researchers note that it may be several years before a simple blood test is commercially available to detect the presence of Alzheimer’s in seniors, but the suggestion that diagnosis via simple blood test is possible is a wonderful news for those of us that have experienced the disease in our lives.

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