Successful Aging Requires Exercise of Mental and Physical Muscles

January 16, 2013

Use it or lose it.  Not surprising that this adage holds true when we are 80 as when we are 20.   The Center for Successful Aging at California State University, Fullerton embraces a holistic approach to growing old that involves the full spectrum of human experience: mind, body and spirit.

Notably, they focus on exercise of both mind and body as a way to age as well as possible.  Movement classes on campus range from exercise to yoga and fall prevention.  Mental stimulation is provided by the alliance with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which offers programs including foreign languages, Tai Chi, fiction writing, musical instruments and a New Yorker discussion group.

The center leverages these programs as a platform as a hub for teaching, aging research and hands-on training for students in gero-kinesiology — the movement of older adults.  It would be great to see more of these programs around the country.   See the full story here.



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