So Easy a Monkey Could Do It

When businesses agree to become Dementia Friendly, they sign a simple pledge to do what they can to improve their environments for customers who have dementia.

Customer-facing staff members go through an awareness training that helps them understand how to recognize and help dementia sufferers.  This takes about 90-minutes and is done on site.

It’s a win-win.  When businesses are Dementia Friendly, people with dementia can eat out, shop and conduct their business with dignity. It’s important to more than just the person who has it.

It also makes a difference to spouses, children or caregivers. They’ll want to visit Dementia Friendly businesses and will recommend them to others.  Our goal is for the DFOC logo to be recognized across the county as a symbol of businesses that care and want to make themselves accommodating to folks with dementia.

If you know a business that should be certified, ask them to contact us.

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