Senior Home Care in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC

April 19, 2013

In recent years, home care for seniors is getting more awareness.  Families have come to value in-home care for their loved ones as a way to let them age more peacefully in the security of familiar surroundings.

At Acorn we strive to provide the highest quality elder care in our core markets of Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro, Hillsborough and surrounding communities.  In addition to basic in-home care we constantly develop new services in order to expand options for boomers looking to secure elder care for their parents and relatives.

Many families in our Chapel Hill market choose home care because the 1-1 caregiver to patient ratio assures the best in-home care experience.   Clients are happier.  They’re more comfortable and feel more independent.

It has been shown that when seniors stay in their homes they experience fewer medical complications, enjoy a greater quality of life than their counterparts in assisted living facilities and report a greater sense of happiness overall.

We will soon launch our STARS program medical escort service that goes beyond transportation.  Our STARS escorts help the client navigate the hospital or clinic, keep them company during the appointment and take records of doctors comments and observations.  See our website here.

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