Give It a Whirl…. Blenders Make It Easy to Provide Good Nutrition to Seniors

May 1, 2014

Getting enough fruits and veggies can be a challenge.  Preparation takes time and it can be a challenge to cook them in ways that are flavorful and retain maximum nutritive value. It can be even more burdensome for seniors.  If they are home alone, they’ve probably gotten tired of cooking.  Based on our experience providing home care to seniors in Chapel Hill, NC, aides are rarely placed on their ability to cook, but rather on their ability to assist with things like bathing, dressing and ambulation.

The good news is that the new generation of powerful blenders (Kitchen Ninja, Magic Bullet, VitaMix, etc.), combined with many ready-to-serve fruits and vegetables make it easy to enjoy good nutrition.  Blend frozen berries with any juice to make a delicious smoothie.  Add a little yogurt for creaminess.  You have created a delicious drink containing powerful anti-oxidants, fiber and helpful bacteria that are healthful in many ways.
As our loved ones age, keeping on the pounds can be a challenge.  They lose the taste for many foods.  If they become too thin, they are more susceptible to other ailments. Physicians often advise that “any calorie is better than no calorie”, so the senior is encouraged to enjoy a few cookies or a bowl of ice cream.  Why not take that ice cream and blend it with fruit and a little milk?  Voila, a milk shake!   The neat thing about blending is that the fruits get pulverized which makes their nutritive value much more easily absorbed.

In case you have doubts about frozen fruits, they may be even more nutritious than fresh varieties.  The reason is that they are frozen close to the growing area, just minutes after harvesting, when nutritive value is at its peak.  They also happen to be pre-washed and keep for a long time in the freezer, so they are extremely convenient.

One of our caregivers did a test.  She started making her client a fruit smoothie every morning and added frozen berries to her bowl of ice cream every evening. In about 30 days, the senior’s sleep patterns and regularity improved.  Was this a scientific study?  No. Did it make all the sense in the world?  YES!

Improving nutrition with a blender makes a ton of sense.  There is no downside and potentially lots of upside.  Why not give it a whirl?

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