1) What skills will you cover?

See this page.


2) What do I get?

See this page.


3) What do we teach you?

The purpose of our course is to provide you with the knowledge you need to pass the state exam. North Carolina is considered a “challenge state”. This means that anyone can “challenge” the exam, regardless of training or prior experience.   The examination process consists of written, multiple-choice exam along with a practical skills test. In the practical skills test, you will asked to demonstrate competency in five different skills selected at random from a total of over 20 skills.  Our primary focus is to teach and help you practice these skills.  See a list of the skills here.

Our course does not register you for the state exam. You must do this separately.


4) How do I register for the state exam?

The State Competency Exam is administered by a private testing company, Pearson Vue/NACES.   The test consists of two parts: a 70 question written exam and a practical test in which you must demonstrate competency in five skills, selected at random. At the time of this writing, the cost for both is $101.   These fees are not included in our course training fee.  See the website for registration here: http://www.pearsonvue.com/nc/nurseaides/

We recommend that you schedule your exam test date as soon as possible after completing your training. This will ensure that your knowledge is fresh in your mind.


5) Does the state of North Carolina have a website explaining how the CNA exam works?

Please see the following page from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services: https://www.ncnar.org/ncna.html#test


6) Do you offer any free review sessions?

If you need a review session prior to taking your state exam, students of Chapel Hill CNA may return to attend a review session, at no charge, subject to space availability.


7) What is the difference between Chapel Hill CNA and the “official” programs offered at places like Durham Tech?

Time and focus. The “official” programs take almost 170 hours. Many of these are devoted to subject matter that is not covered on the state exam.   Chapel Hill CNA’s 16-hour program focuses specifically on the skills you need to pass the state exam.


8) Do you have a guarantee?

We offer a guarantee that no other school provides. Sign up for our training and attend the first session.   If by the end of that session you decide that the training is not for you, for any reason, we will refund your purchase price, no questions asked. We know of no other school that makes that claim.


9) What’s the Chapel Hill CNA “Cheat Sheet” Study Guide?

Students tells us that this one of the most helpful features of our course! The CNA skills test requires proficiency in over 20 nursing assistant skills. Each one requires different equipment and set up. Our “cheat sheet” boils it down to a single one-page guide that summarizes everything! The night before the exam all you need to review is a single sheet, not a 250-page textbook!


10) Are there employment opportunities with Acorn?

Chapel Hill CNA is part of Acorn Home Care Services, Inc., a home care agency serving Chapel Hill, Durham and surrounding communities.   We are so well regarded that our owner was appointed by the commissioners of Orange County to sit on the county’s Aging Advisory Board.   We are always looking for great caregivers!



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