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An Herbal Treatment for Alzheimer’s?

February 6, 2017

Iranian scientists have announced the world’s first herbal medicine to cure Alzheimer’s or stop its progression.   The product, named Melitropic, was unveiled during a recent ceremony in Iran’s Institute of Medicinal Plants at Jihad University. It is extracted from the Dracocephalum (or “Dragonhead”) a flowering plant native to many countries in the Northern Hemisphere

The chairman of the Institute reported that a series of experiments were carried out on patients aged 65 to 80 with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Forgetfulness and recognition were analyzed after four months of studies; and the results recorded an obvious and noticeable improvement in the mental status of patients, who had been given dracocephalum extract. The anxiety disorder and irritability symptoms had considerably dropped among subjects in the experiment group.

We are all for natural remedies and, since the pharmaceutical industry has had no success in finding a cure, such a product would be received with extraordinarily high interest. Melitropic does not currently appear to be available online. In all cases, significant additional testing would probably be required.

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