Age of Aquarius?

January 26, 2014

An interesting commentary on the TED website discusses how social interactions will change as the dementia population grows.

“Good” conversation today assumes a lively, intellectual back and forth.  Sometimes this encourages poor behavior such as interruption, strong opinions, forceful speech, persistent questions and argument.   Dementia and Alzheimer’s, on the other hand, demand quiet, think-of-the-other-person behaviors.

The writer, Trevor Mumby, believes this will issue in a new age of kindness and gentle demeanor.  One can only hope.  Dementia is an epidemic that many do not appreciate.  Despite the grief and hardship it causes families, there is no doubt that it strengthens the bonds between loved ones in certain ways.  Mumby believes that dementia may usher in the new “Age of Aquarius”.

I will agree that dementia is in many ways a great equalizer.  It does not care how rich you are or how successful you are professionally.  It strikes with impunity.  It is possible that as more people enter the struggle of fighting dementia, it will create closer bonds among all of us.


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